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Tim Hortons Franchise Facts

coffee-and-donutsSo we’ve been getting tons of requests lately regarding help in purchasing a franchise. We never realized how many people are interested in getting involved and laying down their hard earned money on a franchise without all the proper knowledge! Yes, you think you are purchasing a proven, perfect system that has been put in place years ago to have you succeed and make lots of money, a fool proof system!! Lets be real for a second, everyone who buys a franchise is doing so to make a financially stable life for their family. You aren’t purchasing one to fail, to not make any money (yes even lose money), and to get into a 10+ year lawsuit and then not be able to move forward in your life!

This site has the questions you need to ask and also the answers you will hear from the very people who are trying to sell you a franchise. We have helped many potential franchisee’s be equipped with information by letting them make use of our decades of knowledge and experience in dealing with Franchisors (on this site it’s Tim Hortons). Instead of just laying the facts out why purchasing a Tim Hortons doesn’t make found financial sense for you and your family, we decided that we should help others out and let them make an informed decision based on real facts and experiences of people who have been involved in the process for nearly all their lives! Anything not covered on this site or questions you have can be answered by contacting us, we want to help!!

Great articles if you are thinking of purchasing a Tim Hortons in the United States, it’s an even worse situation there and we have information from multiple failed owners as well.  (From Macleans Magazine, Canadian Business)

http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/02/20/why-tim-hortons-cant-rrroll-into-the-united-states/   http://www.canadianbusiness.com/companies-and-industries/tim-hortons-sales-slow/

Also a leaked letter to current CEO Paul House who has done a lousy job selling the brand in the USA, interesting letter.


All the knowledge we have gained is from actual experience, not from third parties, not from school, it has been from years of experience. Collecting stories from others who have gone through the same thing. So what we are doing is shutting down the comments section of this site, it will only be used for us to contact you. This site will be focused on helping prospective buyers obtain the information needed when purchasing a Tim Hortons franchise before ever having to make contact with the sales people from Tim Hortons. It will arm you with the facts and questions required and the type of lawyer you need to see. Of course all backed up with documentation, all the real facts presented in a neutral format.

We seriously can’t believe the number of people who have contacted us lately asking for our help, who were willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and didn’t have all the facts!!

Equip yourself with the powerful tool of knowledge and be able to make an informed decision for you and your family. We have found a great need for help, true help with the facts about this industry of Franchising. With all the information available coming from people with the knowledge, background, skill and experience to help steer you clear of all the bullshit involved in purchasing a Franchise….on this particular site, a Tim Hortons Franchise.

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