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Legal speak for The TDL Group Corp. lawyers.

Just in case you landed at the wrong site, there are some important things to know about this site. 

The TDL Group Corp. name and all of The TDL Group Corp. logos are copyrighted trademarks of the The TDL Group Corp. and this site is obviously in no way affiliated with, sponsored or supported by The TDL Group Corp.

Neither The TDL Group Corp. nor any other segment of The TDL Group Corp. or its affiliates or subsidiaries shall bear any responsibility whatsoever for its content. 

Any use of the The TDL Group Corp. name or Tim Hortons name at this site is used only as a point of reference to their franchise system or restaurants or product line of the same name. This is our story and our experience with The TDL Group Corp.

No copyright, trademark, or sales mark infringements are intended or implied.

This web site is privately operated to provide information as a free service for the benefit of the owners of The TDL Group Corp.(Tim Hortons) restaurants and other interested parties.

In simple terms, this isn’t a TDL Group Corp. corporate site!  They don’t pay me to publish this stuff.  I’m here simply as a source for information.

Now that you’ve read the legalize, enjoy the website.  Feel free to send your content contributions to share with others.

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